About the Learning Portal

The aim with the learning portal is to offer training and courses to NGO volunteers and employees.

These courses and training programmes are intended to strengthen NGO members’ accessibility to digital media, as well as to strengthen their digital competences. Dialogue with and active involvement of NGO/interest group member is the foundation of a well-functioning, democratic society. Hence, free and democratic access to media for all citizens is fundamental. Digital media has the potential to strengthen social cohesion and firmly establish democratic values.


The learning portal supports this by offering courses that strengthen:

  • Digital knowledge among interest group members
  • Competences in creating digital content
  • Reflection about the content they produce as well as receive
  • Democratic participation in public policy/decisions


Democracy and participation in the development of our societies is strongly related public access. It is in the public interest that citizens and NGOs are able to express their opinions and engage with politicians and other citizens.

Training and education of the public in mastering digital media as fundamental for developing democratic dialogue in our society. Both with regard to the individuals’ opportunities to be heard, and for interest groups’ opportunity to be seen and make their and their causes visible for the public.

NGOs and their members can serve as content distributors. Members can deliver content, produced using smartphones, tablets and other devices that are widely used and many people own. Social and other digital media can be used to publish messages, and new formats for engaging the public in demographic processes can be developed. It is important that training and education in production and navigation within the world of electronic media is accessible for the entire population.

With our learning portal all people can take part in the democratic process via digital media.

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