DA4YOU – modules 3+4: Accessibility technology in practice

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After having learned about accessibility principles and legislation in Modules 1 and 2, in Modules 3 and 4 participants will be introduced to a range of digital accessibility tools and will learn how new technologies can be used in different ways to access and create their own digital media content.


These practical modules will enable participants to apply what they have learnt by designing and producing their own digital media project.


Module 3 – Accessible technology in practice – digital assistive technology

Participants will first explore the most useful and readily available digital accessibility tools which can be used on a range of devices; e.g., android smartphones and iPhones, tablets and laptops. These will include screen readers, speech recognition software, and subtitling software, among others. Participants will identify how these various tools can be used when working with the main audiovisual formats: audio, video, text, and image. They will also discover how the same tool can be used differently and creatively by users with varying sensory and cognitive abilities and disabilities to access and produce media content.


Module 4 – Accessible technology in practice – start your own media project

Participants will then build on their existing experiences of using digital accessibility tools and apply the knowledge they have gained on this course so far by designing and creating their own digital media project. They will practice thinking creatively about how they can use different tools to create e.g., a blog, a YouTube channel, or other social media content, to express themselves and communicate with others. Moreover, they will have opportunities to work collaboratively and engage in co-creative tasks, which aim to increase awareness of the benefits of working together with other people with different sensory and cognitive abilities and disabilities.


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