Accessibility statement

MEDIEHUSET KØBENHAVN ApS is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with the Danish Public Sector Bodies Websites and Mobile Applications Accessibility Regulations (nr. 692, 8 June 2018).

Are you finding content on this website non-accessible?

You can inform responsible public bodies about non-compliance with the requirements in the web accessibility directive. Moreover, you can request information, that the responsible public sector body possibly have excluded, in accordance with article 1, paragraph 5, and article 5 (disproportionate burden).

You are welcome to contact MEDIEHUSET KØBENHAVN ApS, if you find content on to be non-accessible.

Compliance status

A public sector body must state to which extent their website meets the web accessibility requirements, as they appear in the harmonised standard EN 301 549. A compliance status could be:

  1. The website is fully compliant with the standard.
  2. The website is partly compliant with the standard (compliant with most of the requirements)
  3. The website is not compliant with the standard (not compliant with most of the requirements)

This website is partly compliant with the standard (compliant with most of the requirements).

The public sector body must furthermore describe how they have assessed the website. This according to the following categories: a) The public sector body has assessed itself b) The assessment has been made by an external party, and c) The public sector body has used another method.

This website has been assessed by an external party.

Assessment reports

The public sector body can refer to assessment reports if needed.
No reference to assessment reports.

Non-accessible content

The public sector body has categories the non-accessible content on this website. Under each category there may be a number of subjects that as shown with a title and an explaining text. A subject could for instance be lack of alternative texts.

Non-accessible content is divided into three categories in accordance with the web accessibility regulations, and refer to functions or content that:

  1. Does not meet the requirements
  2. Does not meet the requirements and fall under disproportionate burden – meaning that the impact of fully meeting the requirements is too much for an organisation to reasonably cope with, and only a few people would benefit from it. This could for instance be an extensive report or manual for a small number of people.
  3. Fall outside the scope of the accessibility regulations, e.g. captioning of live videos streams.


The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reasons:

  • Alternative texts
    There are a couple of photos that does not yet have alternative texts.

Disproportionate burden

  • None

Function or content that is not covered by the regulations

  • Terminology
  • We are not sure that the correct terminology is used when referring to different groups of disabled people.


What we’re doing to improve accessibility
The public sector body can describe what they are doing to reach a higher level of accessibility on their website.

  • Our accessibility roadmap
    No roadmap.


Enforcement procedure

In Denmark, it is the Danish Agency for Digitisation that oversees compliance with the web accessibility regulations.

Remember, before you contact the Danish Agency for Digitisation, you should inform the public sector body responsible for the website. You can do that via the contact information provided at the top of this accessibility statement.

If you’re not happy with how we respond to your complaint, contact the Danish Agency for Digitisation by e-mail:

This statement was published for the first time 5 March 2020.

It has most recently been revised 5 March 2020.

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